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Are you ready for the First Teachers’ Professional Planning and Design Contest?

Tue, May 17 2016 02:53 PM  Click:[]

The First College Teachers’ Professional Planning and Design Contest will begin from April 8thto 10thin the meeting room of the north campus.

This contest aims to implement the college’s three-year innovation plan, strengthen the construction of teaching team, push forward curriculum reform and improve the talent training works.

This contest sets up 3 competition projects, which are Department’s Five-Year Professional Development Planning and Construction of Professional Groups, the Construction of Key Majors, and the Construction of Online Professional Core Courses. Each part will last for one day.

The jury will be composed of experts from within and outside college. In addition to the judges scoring mechanism, the audience scoring mechanism is also adopted in this contest. The results will be used as an important reference for applying for high quality project appraisal and the criteria for selecting the discipline leaders and backbone teachers.

The bonus will be 80,000 yuan. There are three prizes in total, including the department awards, the key professional major awards and high-quality online core courses awards. Each award consists of the first, second and third prize.

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